Goalkeeper News

FastGloveA quick and selective look at some goalkeeping news that didn’t bore us to tears:

Bastion of integrity and sportsmanship, Thierry Henry, says he didn’t intend to almost maim Dallas goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman in a pointless goal ‘celebration’. In other news, he’s still insisting ‘the ball just bounced up onto my hand. Honest, I’m not that type of player.’
To be fair to the cheating shitebag, it doesn’t look malicious – just very stupid.

Mark Hughes launches a charm offensive in a bid to hang on Mark Schwarzer in the January transfer window. A charm offensive made up of transparent compliments and shrugs of indifference as he knows Shay Given is on his way to the Cottage.

Arsene Wenger gives Manuel Almunia his full support. Coming over two weeks after the transfer window closed and a month after he was close to ditching him for Schwarzer or Given it doesn’t sound too convincing, but it’s support nonetheless.

Real Madrid goalkeeper and the Ministry’s world number 1, Iker Casillas says he’d prefer it if Jose Mourinho didn’t split his Specialness between Real and the Portugal national job. Plus responding to all these non-stories from his club players is very time consuming.


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