Goalkeeper News Round Up

Shay Given

– “When I said it was an competition between you and Joe Hart, what I meant was I actually prefer Joe Hart and you can do one.” Roberto Mancini tells Shay Given he’s allowed to leave Man City. It would have been more useful about a month ago when he could actually leave Man City. Acting kind of like a pimp for goalkeepers, Giovanni Trapattoni tells him there’s work for him in Italy. But he must be willing to do anal.

– The prototype for the young English goalkeeper that never lives up to his potential, Richard Wright has joined Sheffield United in the Championship. If you think that’s a harsh assessment, then remember he’s probably most famous for injuring himself on the ‘Don’t practice in the goalmouth’ sign whilst practicsing in the goalmouth ahead of an Everton game.

– Fergie has been accused of showing a lack of respect for the Carling Cup by sending out second string sides in the competition, but things have got so bad he’s not even sending himself. With an impeccable sense of timing, Sir Alex misses the trip to Scunthorpe to have a look at David De Gea.

– In not entirely unrelated news, Tomasz Kuszczak says he’s had enough of bench-warming at Old Trafford and wants to move on.

– Real Madrid shop steward, Iker Casillas asks Jose Mourinho for permission to drop the kids off at school. That’s not a euphemism, but it is a little strange as he doesn’t have any children.


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