Tottenham’s Goalkeeping Options

Heurehlo Gomes

Arry Needs To Invest In A Safe Pair Of Hands
You tore the European champions apart.
You showed skill and spirit to beat your fierce local rivals on their own patch. Seldom in the storied history of your club have team played such an entertaining brand of football. That’s the praise out of the way, now it’s time for a cloud to come across a sky that must be looking pretty blue to spurs fans at the moment.

At this stage there can be little doubt that Harry Redknapp is putting together of challenging England’s and Europe’s top clubs. better luck with injuries would go some way to plugging chasms often to be found in their rearguard, but while harry waits for bones to heal and muscles to loosen, he could do worse than examining his goalkeeping options. There’s a lot to like about Heurehlo Gomes. He’s superbly agile for a man of such physical stature. At times his ability to launch that frame across his goalmouth and get a vital hand to a goal-bound shot seems to defy the laws of motion. In this aspect, The Brazilian compares favourably with most goalkeepers in the premier league and beyond that, on the continent.

Whilst the spectacular dives are generally what get into the highlights packages and mentioned in the dispatches, it’s the other areas of his game that he falls down and these are the ones that will ending up costing Spurs. His handling struggles have been well documented and his reputation as a calamity keeper was unfairly enhanced in the Nani/phantom free-kick incident at Old Trafford. One word that features regularly in relation to the Tottenham keeper in the scouting notes I compile is ‘indecision’. He seems to take a relatively long time to decide whether to stick or twist and in the fast pace of the Premier League, that will get punished. His slight hesitancy against Arsenal allowed Samir Nasri to open the scoring and were it not for that spirited fightback, it could have made for a very difficult afternoon.

If Spurs intend to challenge for leagues and European Cups, they will need a better all-round performer. The full stretch of Gomes saves are lovely to watch, but too much of the rest of his game is suspect and will cost his team, quite possibly at crucial stages in domestic and European competitions. On the bench, the options aren’t great. Carlo Cudicini was an excellent goalkeeper in his day, but at 37 years of age won’t be any sort of long term solution. Ben Alnwick seemed to show flashes of potential a couple of years ago, but his career path since would suggest there’s limited faith in his ability. At youth levels, they’ve got some really good prospects. In David Button, they have a young goalkeeper who has amassed a huge number of caps at England’s youth levels and is building up experience in the lower leagues. He’s one for the future whilst Tottenham’s problems are very much in the present. Results are going well for the moment, but Harry needs to strengthen his goalkeeping his options very soon to keep his team moving on up.


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