David de Gea Update

I’ve become a big fan of David de Gea since I first saw him roughly a year ago. He’s impressed me with his maturity, agility and handling. Clearly I’m not the only one as he’s been heavily linked with a move to Man Utd. Whilst I think he’d be an expensive gamble for Fergie at this stage in his career, there’s a very promising future ahead of him.

I’ve been watching him a lot – and not in the stalkery way. For the vast majority of the time, he’s been reliable and consistent. He did have a few blips before Christmas when his decision-making wasn’t always spot-on and he generally didn’t look as assured as he once was. Judging by events on Monday night he looks to be back on form. He pulled off a string of fine saves in Atletico Madrid’s 3-0 win over Mallorca and made a fine penalty save, some of which can be seen in the below brief clip:

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