Johannes Hopf: Video Update

The other day I wrote about Johannes Hopf, a young Swedish goalkeeper I think has the fundamentals to go far in the game. At the moment he’s plying his trade with Hammarby in the Swedish 2nd division, but I’ve been watching him for a few weeks and his performances have been very impressive. If the scouting networks of clubs around Europe are working correctly, he must surely be on the radar of several clubs. As I say in the piece, gauging a goalkeeper’s level is arguably more difficult than that of an outfield player, so although

Anyway, since writing the piece, I’ve been pointed in the direction of this video. I’m always reluctant to draw too many conclusions from YouTube videos that are doubtless carefully edited to make the subjects look as good as possible, but this one really does provide a good summary of his abilities. Athletic, agile, sound handling, top drawer reflexes, strong technique, good awareness – he has a lot going for him.

He may not be playing at the highest standard at the moment, but he really does stand out as a player operating at a completely different level (the save after 2:06 if amongst one of the best I’ve ever seen). Whether or not that amounts to the sort of transfer he deserves remains to be seen, but Hopf certainly has something about him worth taking note of.


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