Premier League GK Round-up: Cause For Concern At Man City?

Joe Hart

A whistle stop tour of Saturday’s Premier League matches and some brief and debatable observations on some of the major goalkeeping talking points.

Wayne Hennessey
Quintessential sublime to ridiculous stuff from the Welshman at City. A couple of top drawer saves in the 1st half had Wovles fans dreaming of an unlikely point, but slowness saw him hand them a goal. He’s a very capable goalkeeper, but maybe indecision undermines his development?

Joe Hart
I’ve expressed concern about Hart’s concentration in the past and the issue reared it’s unfocussed head again. I rate Hart as one of the world’s best and it’s precisely because I rate him so highly that I find moments like this so surprising. His handling is good enough to deal with the tame shot that led to the Wovles goal so I can only think he let his mind wander again. Last Sunday, his effort to get to Fletcher’s shot at Old Trafford was also weak. City’s goalscoring bandwagon rolls on, but his team will need Hart to better when called upon in tighter games as the season progresses.

Petr Cech
Nowhere near his best versus Arsenal. Could have done better for 3 of the Gunners’ goals. Strange after an important cameo in the Carling Cup midweek. The ability remains, but maybe we’ll have to get used to a less consistent and more injury-prone Cech in future.

Wojciech Szczesny
As he acknowledged in a later tweet, I don’t know how he stayed on the pitch. One commentator correctly pointed out, he may have not been the last defender, but he was the only goalkeeper and Chelsea would surely have scored. Terrible refereeing. Still though, he’s playing superb football at the moment.

Bolton have goalkeeping problems
Jussi was poor when he let Joe Allen’s shot by him. It’s sadly not a once-off. My theory is he has lost his athleticism and his superb reflexes aren’t now enough to compensate. Bogdan doesn’t look ready for long term Premier League duty and with Bolton on course for a season of scrapping, under-performing goalkeepers can be the difference between relegation and survival. Owen Coyle needs to take action.

Westwood makes his Premier League debut
Sunderland lost Mignolet to a broken nose, but they’ve a more than capable deputy in Westwood who made one excellent save. He’ll get his chance for at least a couple of games. With the Belgian not always convincing, it’s a great chance to establish himself as first choice.

John Ruddy
Sadly, he’s always been capable of that sort of concentration based mistake. He has however been excellent so far for Norwich and his bouncing back will be crucial for Paul Lambert’s team.

Agree, disagree or have observations of your own? Get the debate started in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Premier League GK Round-up: Cause For Concern At Man City?

  1. While I agree with you about Hart to a certain extent (spilling the ball back into danger areas on numerous occasions this season). I find it very harsh of you to say his attempt to get to the Fletcher shot was weak. That was a shot that probably no keeper in the world could have got to, and this is coming from a City supporter of 32 years.

    • Thanks Nobby.
      I thought I was being harsh too initially, but after seeing the goal several times I concluded it was a decent shot, but one that was hit with moderate power, not as far in the corner as it first appeared.
      I like Hart a lot so I wouldn’t say it was a mistake per se, but I think a keeper of his ability should get closer to it.

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