Szczesny of Arsenal voted goalkeeper of the season

Wojciech Szczesny

Readers of have voted Arsenal goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny as the Premier League goalkeeper of the season. Szczesny (21) earned 35 per cent of the votes, David De Gea of Manchester United came second on 29 per cent with Michel Vorm of Swansea back in third on 11 per cent.

The young Pole’s natural ability has been apparent since his loan spell with Brentford in the 2009/10. When he finally made his Premier League debut for Arsenal against Manchester United at Old Trafford in December of 2010, he was a better keeper again from his time at Griffin Park, but not without his flaws. He experienced his ups and downs. In February of 2011, against Barcelona in the first leg of Champions League Last 16 at the Emirates, he pulled off a string of excellent saves to keep the Gunners in the tie and incredibly, lay the foundations for an unlikely win on the night. He received undue criticism for his role in the goal that handed Birmingham the Carling Cup later in the month, but in general, his performances suggested he still had some growing to do.

Thankfully, that growing up has happened remarkably fast. I don’t know how he spent the summer of 2011, but when he returned to the Emirates Stadium in August, he looked a bigger, more composed and authoritative figure. Previously he had the tendency to get involved when he didn’t need to – both on and off the pitch – but that feistiness has by and large been curbed and channeled into the more productive direction of leadership.

As a sign of his emerging influence at the club, it’s notable how many times he has been the one chosen for media duties, both in the build-up and after Arsenal matches. Despite only turning 22 years of age this coming Wednesday, he feels like one of Arsenal’s senior players and the role suits the more mature Szczesny perfectly. He comes across as focussed, but level-headed individual.

In this campaign he has been brilliant. Even as Arsenal stumbled their way through the early part of the season, he was excellent, making saves that eked out points for his team and stopped the club’s morale from being annihilated entirely. When Robin Van Persie clicked into gear, Arsenal’s season got up and running, but the good form of Szczesny was what ensured his goals went towards victories rather than smaller – or no – returns.

Szczesny has been brilliant this season and the underrated factor in Arsenal’s resurgence. With youth on his side, he has the time and capacity to develop further. If he gets a slice of good luck and good health, he has the potential to become an Arsenal and Premier League legend.

David De Gea was voted into second place on the poll. The Spaniard certainly has claims to the comeback of the season. His Old Trafford obituaries when being written after a poor adaptation to life in the Premier League, but since Christmas, his form has improved markedly and been crucial in forging the five point advantage United currently enjoy at the top of the table. He now cuts a more confident and comfortable figure than the forlorn young man in the glare of a critical spotlight a few months back. To draw what may in time prove to be an apt parallel, Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t overly effusive about Peter Schmeichel’s first season at Old Trafford and that worked out pretty well for all concerned. It’s premature, but with more learning to do, De Gea has shown he has the potential to have a long and successful career at the Theatre of Dreams.

Brendan Rodgers purchase of Michel Vorm was arguably the best bit of business conducted in the Premier League this season. He made his debut in the Swans 4-0 thumping at the hands of Manchester City, but the Dutchman came away from the game with immense credit. The stats say he made 11 saves that night and it’s hard to overstate how important those saves where. Had he made only five or six of those saves and Swansea went on to lose 8-0 or 9-0, immediately the squad would have doubted their ability to compete in the Premier League and almost certainly would not have enjoyed the season of free-flowing football they did. He came up big at crucial times several times during the campaign and Rodgers next managerial trick will be keeping him away from the grasp of clubs with more financial clout than the Swans.

The results in full

Szczesny (Arsenal) – 35.38%
De Gea (Man Utd) – 28.72%
Vorm (Swansea) – 10.77%
Krul (Newcastle) – 8.46%
Friedel (Tottenham) – 7.44%
Hart (Man City) – 5.38%
Al Habsi (Wigan) – 2.82%
Ruddy (Norwich) – 1.03%


11 thoughts on “Szczesny of Arsenal voted goalkeeper of the season

  1. De Gea second. What a joke. The bloke has dropped more clangers this season than Almunia has in his career. One suspects that this reflects the level of Man U support there is in the world which makes Szczesny’s win all the more impressive.

  2. stupid vote. where tf is hart? best gk in the world. psycho goalkeeper. as in skills. best keeper in the world any day.

  3. I think Hart is as low down as he is, because, everyone knew he was a great goalkeeper already.

    He has had a better season than De Gea though.

    I can’t believe Krul, and, Vorm are so far down the list.

    Krul’s performance against Arsenal at the Emirates was a joke.

    • I’m surprised with some of the results too, Rich.
      My theory is Hart has suffered for the slump City have had in recent weeks. Individually, I think he’s had a great season. I expected Krul to be higher up the list as well. As for De Gea, his good performances are fresh in the memory and I think that’s helped him.

  4. What a joke, take in to all accounts, defenders in front of you, and experience in top divisions, plus money spent on the keepers and all the additional training and expense top clubs like Arsenel, Man u, City etc get… Then look at Swansea’s Vorm, absoulte Bargin £1.5M, for me keeper of the season, and then Ruddy from Norwich in that order, De Gea is way down the list i’d say. Krul is awesome and so is hart… And Robinson for black burn is amazing keeper, only because he in a team that can play for toffee does not count him out. stupid findings in this report, just gne with teams that score more then let in (with expection of Vorm, he only 3rd for the hype swansea get, rightly soo as well of course, as they the best team to join the elite this season)

    • Pretty sure Arsenal paid next to nothing for Szczesny… This was also his first full season in the PL – infact, Vorm had more experience than Szczesny before the start of this season and probably cost more than Szczesny. That’s not to take anything away from Vorm though, he is a quality keeper who deserved to be higher up the list and I definately agree that De Gea shouldn’t be second!

  5. Sorry, but even as a Gooner, I think this is ridiculous. Szcz has great potential and is a good keeper, but he’s got a long way to go to be the finished article. His saves to shots ratio is actually one of the worst in the league.

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