PRESS RELEASE: The launch of Shaka Hislop’s Ministry of Glove

Today sees the launch of Shaka Hislop’s Ministry of Glove.

The former Newcastle, West Ham and Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper and current ESPN pundit has become proprietor of the popular goalkeeping website and will use it to express his views on goalkeeping and wider issues within the world of football.

The website was launched in 2010 and has become a popular destination for fans of the custodian and football in general. The new partnership will see the website become known as Shaka Hislop’s Ministry Of Glove and will continue to bring quality goalkeeping opinion and analysis to a wide audience.

Shaka Hislop, the resident goalkeeping expert on the ESPN PressPass panel, says the website will give him more opportunity to express his opinions on goalkeeping. “Shaka Hislop’s Ministry of Glove is a great opportunity for me to expand on some of the points I make in the programme and address other issues I don’t get around to discussing in the studio,” he explained.

Aidan Elder, managing editor of the site says “I’m delighted that Shaka has come on board with the project and I’m looking forward to working with him. He was a personal hero of mine as a player and as a pundit he has shown intelligence and courage in his analysis.”

Despite developing a reputation as being a staunch defender of goalkeepers subjected to harsh criticism in the media, Shaka maintains the website will continue to analyse with balance. “It isn’t all about standing up for goalies. There are plenty of times when criticism is justified. I want to make sure what is being criticised is fair and proportional to the supposed error!”

For more information, contact the website’s managing editor at or on Twitter at @MinistryOfGlove



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