Manchester City will seal the Premier League deal on Sunday

Shaka Hislop looks forward to the last day of the season as Manchester City look to finish things off and Manchester United hope for a miracle that even Fergie isn’t banking on happening

Joe Hart has been a key part of City’s season

It’s been well publicised that this would be Manchester City’s first title since a time when the Rolling Stones were considered young upstarts. In terms of ability, QPR should present little difficulty this City side, but the pressure of the occasion has the potential to come into play. It will get to some players, but City have enough experience and quality within their squad to avoid that pitfall.

It’s going to be a nervy Etihad Stadium until that first goal goes in. If it comes early, the floodgates will open. If it comes later, QPR will grow in confidence and it’ll be an anxious afternoon for the Citizens. The R’s still have something to play for, but I still think they won’t be able to hold out for too long. They made life very sticky for City at Loftus Road earlier in the season, but it’ll be a different story in Manchester.

Funnily enough, QPR actually won on their last visit to City. That was 12 years, one Maine Road and several hundred million pounds ago, so we can’t read too much into that.

In the olden days, we would have seen countless radio’s being held up to the ears of United fans at the Stadium of Light looking for the news they’re praying for rather than expecting. These days, it’s more like iPhone apps and tweets, but the updates will still come regularly. The players and manager might say they don’t pay any attention to what’s going on elsewhere, but it’s impossible not to know from the reactions of the crowd.

I suspect that Manchester United won’t actually beat Sunderland. It’s hard to keep your focus in these situations and it’s harder to keep your motivation once you hear your rival is doing the business. In remember playing back on the final day of the season in 1995/96 with Newcastle. We needed to win on the last day of the season and hope that United lost at Middlesbrough. We were at home to Spurs and when we heard United scored early on, we took our foot off the pedal and ended up drawing. It’s hard to keep yourself going when you know three points won’t make a difference and it could see United finding themselves in that position.

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