Paul Robinson will be on his way from Blackburn

It’s a new era that nobody really wanted at Wolves, Blackburn and Bolton. Shaka looks at what the future may hold for the 1st choice goalkeepers of the three teams heading down to the Championship

Paul Robinson – likely to leave Ewood Park

When a team go down, it’s like a shipwreck on the rocks. It doesn’t take long before the scavengers descend looking to grab what they can. But I get the feeling there won’t be too much of a clamour for the goalkeepers that were part the teams that went down. That’s not to say they’re not Premier League standard goalkeepers, but for the most part, the teams in the top flight have their starting goalkeepers in order and there aren’t many who’ll desperately be looking for an upgrade.

Wayne Hennessey’s season ended with injury to add to the insult of relegation, but I think he’ll probably still be at Wolves when he recovers. He’s a good young keeper, but I suspect the teams in the Premier League are well represented with starting goalkeepers and he hasn’t done enough to overtake any of the current first choices. If he goes, it’ll be most likely as back-up and I think he’d rather stay at Wolves than spend the season warming the bench somewhere.

Paul Robinson is a different story, mainly because he’s at a very different stage in his career. He’s 33 later this year and he needs to be playing regularly. I’m not sure too many of the current Premier League teams will be after him as a first choice, but the teams coming up from the Championship may see his experience as being attractive for next season.

He’s a had a strange career. He was a highly rated young keeper for a long time, but he’s never quite delivered on his potential. I think he’ll leave Blackburn, but I’ve no idea of the destination. He has worked with Sam Allardyce in the past, but would he be a big improvement on Robert Green? There’s not much between the two in my opinion. He’d provide decent back-up and competition in most Premier League squads, but it’s hard to know who’ll actually make the move.

I can’t see anyone taking a gamble on Adam Bogdan. I’d imagine he’ll being staying put with Bolton. He had a tricky start to his run of games in this season’s Premier League, but responded very well. He’s a good goalkeeper, but again the question is ‘who is desperately in need of a goalie?’ and the answer is no-one in the Premier League. Maybe a Premier League team will look at him as a back-up, but I can’t see too many teams rushing to sign him up. A season of playing regularly in the Championship could actually be perfect for his development, so maybe he shouldn’t be looking to move on.

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3 thoughts on “Paul Robinson will be on his way from Blackburn

    • Didn’t get the ‘disrespectful’ bit Tombo? Robinson is decent keeper and at 33 is still Premiership class. Surely he’ll be entitled to look for Premiership employment next year. And actually, Blackburn fans and owners seem to have done more than their fair share of being disrespectful to the club…??

      Shaka, you’ve probably got too many friends in the game to say too much about current/surviving Prem keepers, but, much as I love the guy, our own Paddy Kenny (QPR) will surely be looking for some serious competition for his place next season. That said, I suspect he may hook up with Warnock again at Leeds. I’d welcome Robinson, or possibly Birmingham’s Ben Foster, at Loftus Road next season.

    • Sorry Tombo, can’t see how it’s disrespectful. Every player should aspire to play at the highest level available to him or her. Robinson is probably good enough to be in the Premier League and Blackburn won’t be in the Premier League for at least a season. I’d applaud his loyalty if he was to stay, but he doesn’t have many years of pro football left so I’d completely understand if he wanted to go.

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