Goalkeeper World Rankings

Shaka’s Goalkeepers World Rankings

Updated 30th April 2012

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Current Rankings
1. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany)
2. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid and Spain)
3. Gigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy)
4. Joe Hart (Manchester City and England)
5. Hugo Lloris (Lyon and France)

14 thoughts on “Goalkeeper World Rankings


    • I think your mind settled out of football. For How many years have you not been watching football matches. Cech is the best in the world football. He deserves the first spot.

      • Well Ur football is out of ur mind Nikesh dick head. The ony reason your saying Cech should be there is because of ur being brainwashed by the Rupert Murdock ESPN-STAR sports. Other than that how can say a person with 68% saving to be even on that list.

  2. I honestly believe that Guillermo Ochoa is currently better than any other keeper, he should be #1 or at least in the top 10. Unfortunately his team leaves him all the responsibility.

  3. Finally some recognition for Tim Krul. He has been absolutely outstanding this year and I hope he doesn’t leave for a better club next summer.

  4. Well the rating is very interesting, i disagree a bit. I believe Guillermo Ochoa should be in the top 10, actually very close to #1. The reason being is, all of the goalkeepers in this list are goalkeepers from big teams. Ochoa plays in AC Ajaccio, a very small team, last place and most scored on. Yet he manages to be the ranked as one of the best keepers, player of the week. Just imagine if he was in a bigger team, if you were judging skills he would be in the top.

  5. Ochoa has been amazing in almost every game, he has made great saves. No goal conceded has been a mistake of his but of his defense. He has had no mistake, he makes great reflex saves, works well with crosses, calm with the feat, and an amazing and athletic shot stopper. Unfortunately he doesn’t play for those big teams the other “top 10” keepers play for. Well that is for now im sure he will be going to a better team this next season.

  6. where is arsenals keeper (not bothering to try and spell his name) hes way better than tim krul and shay given!!!

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