Ex. Man Utd Keeper, Roberto Has A Nightmare Moment

On a night when the PFA celebrate footballing excellence throughout the season – or roughly three weeks in the case of Gareth Bale – it seems only fitting that the Ministry Of Glove do the exact opposite and salute a moment of sheer calamity. I make it a point of not ridiculing any person brave enough to be a goalkeeper for any mistakes that might occur during the course of the bizzare collection of tasks required of the custodian, but it was impossible not to have a small chuckle at this.

If you’ve got a very precise memory, you may remember Ricardo from a brief spell at Manchester United. It was so brief in fact that anyone who has ever bought an overpriced replica jersey has spent significantly more time in a United shirt than he did. Now approaching the age of 40, he remains first choice for Osasuna in La Liga – although that may change after this. With the score at 1-1 with a couple of minutes to go in one of the lesser known, but equally passionate Basque derbies, he did this – handling a goal and all three points to Athletic Bilbao.